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This page is the current documentation index for a set of common webservices, mainly designed to suppress common web programming needs.

The current set of services are the Logo Designer and the Barcodes

Logo Designer new

Need a simple e-commerce like logo to your website? Easily create a simple one using the Logo Designer web service:

Logo Design 1 Logo Design 2 Logo Design 3

How to use

The simple way to use the API is to issue an HTTP GET request to the following URL

The text defines the text value used to build the logo. The value is splited by spaces (" "), to form each logo text lines. To avoid spliting on the wrong word, you can use the underline character, and it will be rendered as a space in the same line.

Supported parameters

  1. text: the logo text
  2. fontFamily: the font family to be used. Must be one of the available fonts (default random)
  3. fontSize: the font size, in pixels. (default 32)
  4. color: the hexadecimal color of the entire logo, in the format FFFFFF. (default 000000)
  5. icon: the icon to be used. Must be one of the available icon names (default random)
  6. iconColor: the hexadecimal color of the icon, in the format FFFFFF.


You can discover possible values for fontFamily and icon using the REST endpoints: /logodesigner/api/font and /logodesigner/api/icon


Need a simple way to create barcodes for your web apps? ronocode let's you embed Code 128 barcodes on your applications on a very simple way.

Similar to Google Chart service, this one let's you crete barcodes for any ASCII text, automaticaly selecting the specific charset.

How to get started

You just need to do send a request to the URL, passing the parameter code and optionally a height and a PNG image with the barcode is returned.

For example, you can embed it in the IMG tag, like this:

<img src="" />

And you get this as result:

Sample Barcode

Try it now!

Enter your code bellow and you can se the service running alive:


Is this service free?

We are currently in Beta and the service now is free for use on any kind of application. As soon as we finish it, you will be able to get an API key and continue using a limited ammount of the service for free.

If you have a big ammount of barcodes to create, you can request for a paid subscription and have unlimited access beyond the free quotas.

But I need another code!

We are working to improve this service and offer diferent encoding types. If you need a specific code, contact us at

Built to scale

The service runs on top of Google AppEngine scalable infrastructure, and is ready to get a large ammount of requests

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